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The Best Podiatric Care For You. Take a look at the podiatric services we provide, custom orthotics, assisted living care. View insurance and healthcare provider information. Schedule your appointment with us Today!
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The Best Podiatric Care For You

Take a look at the services we provide.

Schedule your appointment with us Today!

Podiatrist of Georgia - Custom orthotics


A custom orthotic puts your foot in an ideal position for walking, running, and exercising. With increased stability and traction, your body can experience maximum strength and stability.


Dr. Norvell is very knowledgeable about the foot structure biomechanical needs of athletes. This specialization allows her to deduce how the foot and ankle affect other body parts. You can receive your personalized fitting in the office the same day and receive your custom orthotics within a few weeks.


Podiatric Physicians of Georgia also carries an exclusive line of shoes, inserts, lifts, and braces that are available the same day for pick up within the office.


Foot care is incredibly important when a patient is in pain or has become disabled. Podiatry is a useful tool for many assisted living residents because of common podiatric issues. Podiatrists are important in keeping elderly people and disabled people mobile. Proper care and maintenance of all foot and ankle problems can dramatically increase a patients’ quality of life. Dr. Norvell is an independent practice podiatrist with years of experience working in elderly care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living


Certain shoes and socks can ease the discomfort caused by pressure points and swelling. Conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, foot ulcers, ingrown toenails and edema can be quite problematic and lead to decreased mobility. Our footwear collection for men and for women features shoes, slippers, and socks that will provide all day comfort.


We also carry foot creams which provide effective daily emollient for dry skin, helping to maintain healthy moisture levels and foot gels to provide natural solution for muscle and joint aches and pains.